Today is the day!

20130214-223916.jpgToday, I decided to get started-seriosly. I am thinking since quite a while about starting a blog, since I guess that in this particular phase of my life I am not alone i this. A lot of women are in a similar place. So I start this blog to document how I manage to become an independent woman, after almost 20 years of marriage, left out of the blue to my own devices. In a strange country, without a job, middle aged and together with my teenage son. First it seemed like a never ending nightmare but now, after almost two years I am slowly getting back on my feet again. It feels like I am coming back home after a long absence. Some things seem useful – those I keep, but a lot of things- and people- have to go! Suddenly I come to the realisation: I made it! I survieved the most ugly and painful blow in my entire life! This alone is a reason to be happy and cheerful!! How things develop, and what I am going to do with the rest of my life, will be documented here.


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