Being happy

img_0558.jpgToday was a good day. Slowly, bit by bit I’ll get all the important things done. At least I started the blog, even when the site is not entirely ready, but I’ll continue to improve it, I promise! ;))
Things like getting on with my assignment for getting a BSc (hons) in psychology, calculating my exact financial needs, making plans how to save money, sending my ex an offer for a financial settlement are now done ( except my assignment). Despite the fact, that I got nasty remarks today, I am quite ok. Looking forward to my training starting in summer ( psychotherapy) it’s really exciting. Nothing can stop me now. All this negative people who used to make me feel small and insignificant will disappear. If my energy changes, people who are drawn to me are different ones too! It is so amazing how subtle things get better and better since I finally could letting go of a lot of rubbish in my head, especially the victim son is out and I am looking forward to a peaceful evening..lots of books are waiting, my knitting too but first I watch another thriller….


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