my new life


Slowly my new life shapes..The divorce is not final yet and there are still painful discussions about money. But this will  be over very soon and then I am free. It’s so amazing how much I am looking forward to this, whereas only a few month ago it was this freedom, what scared me most. What I am going to do, all alone? How I am spending my weekends, holiday, old age, evenings? It was a hard task to adjust, to develop new routines, meet new people. Slowly, at the beginning- painfully slow things began to sift. And now? I proudly can say , I made it! I am about to embark in a very satisfying and fulfilling career, it’s due this entire divorce, that I finally found my vocation. Although  the financial side is still bothering me. Of course he is getting away quite cheap, measured what damage he has caused in my and my sons life. But who said life would be fair? It’s not. Women are still in a much more vulnerable place- once they become mothers…But I try not to focus on it to much. It’s only like today, when he text me, that the rage and intense indignation comes up again and I feel I would like to scream and hit him in the face.

But otherwise- I am fine. Today I had another training session with Cruse Bereavement Care. From next week I will also be involved in ongoing telephone support, which is great. I really enjoy working there. It gives me a sense of purpose and I really understand what it’s like, if your loved one is suddenly not there any more…


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