Walking Meditation

yes, indeed – I find this a vey effective way of relaxing

Spirituality & Self Improvement

Walking for fitness is becoming more and more common.  Many articles are praising walking over jogging as being easier on your joints along with other benefits.  You have likely seen people speed walking – looks funny but is amazingly beneficial – others use walking polls engaging more of the upper body emulating snow shoe mechanics.  

The average man takes 7,192 steps per day while the average women takes 5,210 steps per day.  People with an above average fitness level take more than 10,000 steps per day. A pedometer is a great way to measure your daily steps to see if you may want to start parking the car a little further away from the door.

For those that have read previous posts you will know that I like to write about meditation.  I believe that people get turned off from meditating as they picture themselves uncomfortably bent like a…

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