Busy day..

The last few days I was quite busy. My son has his exams now but also managed to get another pneumothorax..- so in and out of hospitals and college. I hope he hangs on until he is done with his exams..and then he’ll undergoes some surgery. I also have to do all housework alone, since I can’t afford my cleaner any more..- the ” icing of the cake” of my divorce..Well but I try to stay positive. So yesterday I cleaned the entire house, did my washing and since it was a beautiful day, I dried it in the garden, which was nice. The weather is just great, warm and sunny. So when I jumped put of bed this morning, I still felt a bit stiff and tired, since I was not only giving the house some attention, I had to cook, to bake my self grown sourdough rye bread and to tend the garden too, so I was pretty worn out last night. Today- another spell at hospital, more work in the garden..and tiding up behind a bunch of teenager, baking brownies and messing around in my (CLEAN!) kitchen.! I just escaped in my garden again, pondering witch herbs I shall grow, feeding and inspecting my roses, admiring my seedlings..finally sitting in the sun and playing around with my phone. I am almost obsessed with the design of my app skins, background, shelves, which apps and where..it’s completely ridiculous! I don’t know how I can engage in such a waste of time..But I love beauty I since life was not very bright lately I try to brighten up my days with flowers on my phone or ipad..


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