A Bat Cave Like No Other

What an Amazing World!

gl01 Goa Lawah Temple

Bli Komang took us along the main coastal road in eastern Bali where earlier that day he introduced us to what is now my favorite place on the island: Taman Ujung Sukasada. Passing by trucks loaded with high quality sand from the slopes of Mount Agung, we arrived in one of the most important puras for Balinese Hindus: Pura Goa Lawah. Under the midday sun people donning white ceremonial costumes and colorful sarungs gathered outside the temple, talking to each other at warungs, set against the coastline of the Lombok Strait.

With the help of Bli Komang we put our sarungs, lent by our trusted driver himself to avoid the occasionally persistent sarung vendors often found at temples all over the island. As we stepped inside the pura’s front yard, men carrying cymbals and gongs in different sizes were sighted while others assembled at a…

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