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Driving Utah: Crescent Flat

Looking at the West

open roadCrescent Flat just north of I-70, August 2012. This primitive detour made me think of the hazards of early automotive travel. By the way it was really hot.

Train moving uranium tailings from Moab to Crescent Flat.

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Almost Ghost Town: Thompson Springs, Utah

Looking at the West

Above: Almost a ghost town, Thompson Springs, Utah. I have spent a lot of time looking at this humble little house making up little stories about what happened here. This little house from another time with it’s yard clearly defined from the larger surrounding. A power pole that marks the location like it was a road side casualty. Not generally a fan of the photo cliche’ of dilapidated buildings or “Ruin Porn” I usually pass these structures by and leave them to other photographers. Something about this one…

Above: Abandoned structures in Thompson Springs. Would love to find an image of what was once here. Building on the left looks like it was used for some sort of agricultural storage. Look closely at the space between the buildings. A sealed (at one time) passage. The structure on the right looks like two buildings sharing a common front. The left one…

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No Town Utah: Floy

Looking at the West

In Southern Utah on the way to Moab from SLC there is a stretch of lonely lumps that the highway passes. Interesting little piles of earth away from the Book Cliffs out in the middle of nowhere. Usually one passes them by at a high rate of speed for they are on I-70 between Green River and Crescent Junction and if you are going to Moab, well you are almost there, why stop. Same can be said of the return north from Moab, we just started the drive and have hours to go, why stop. Recently I had the opportunity to make the drive to Moab by myself and managed to make the 4 hour trip last 8 hours due to lots of stopping and looking around. Well worth it if you are so inclined. On a map the area pictured is called Floy. It’s not a small town or…

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10 classic Storm Thorgerson album cover designs



Legendary graphic designer Storm Thorgerson has sadly passed away. Here we celebrate his work with 10 of his classic album cover designs.

Often hailed as the best album designer in the world, Storm Thorgerson has sadly passed away at the age of 69.

The British graphic designer was responsible for some of the most influential and memorable album covers to date. There’s no denying a Thorgerson creation and with a 40 year career, he’s certainly crafted the kind of covers that we’ll never forget.

To celebrate the life and work of Thorgerson, we’ve compiled 10 of his best album covers of all time. A very sad loss for the graphic design industry but his work will no doubt continue to inspire.

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