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The Perfect Person


The Good, the Bad, the Subjective: lessons from great literary journalists – Truman Capote



In an age where the digital media revolution is expanding as quickly as attention spans are shortening, newsrooms have to ensure their content is both punchy and entertaining. News has to be compressed into ever shorter sentences and soundbites, so turning to the novel for inspiration might not be the first thing that springs to mind of a 21st century journalist.

But the genre of ‘New Journalism’ that emerged in the 1960s continues to spark controversy and fascinate readers. The seamlessly woven threads of the writer’s subjective impressions and hard, objective facts are often impossible to disentangle, revealing that journalism is in fact neither perfectly balanced, nor completely factual.

Yet, even in this age obsessed with precision, the relevance of the fictional journalism endure. Some works are even held up as teaching materials for journalism classes, implying that they can still teach us how to make journalism vibrant and engaging…

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